November Classes


November Classes

Origami Boxes, Whimsical Softies, Soldered Ornament & Wood Blocks!

Inject a little fun into your November with a class at The Rustic Corner! We are hosting a variety of creative opportunities from some very talented instructors. Class times and costs are listed below. Remember to sign up early so our instructors have time to gather enough materials for everyone!

Let’s Get Crafty!

Friday, Nov. 4th – Open Crafting (9am til Midnight) – The countdown begins! Only 8 crafting weeks until Christmas! Bring in your projects and get a few done early to help relieve holiday stress. $5

Saturday, Nov. 3rd – Origami Cake (10:30am-Noon) – Let Charlolette show you how to make a clever origami cake to give away or keep for yourself! $10

Wednesday, Nov 14. – Card Club (9am-5pm) – We will be making the last set of 6 Christmas cards. Learn a trick or technique to make your handmade cards pop! $15 non-member

Friday, Nov. 16 – Whimsical Softies (7pm-9pm) – Katrina will take you step by step and help you create a cute little critter unique to you! This is a great class for all levels of sewers! $20 (a sewing machine is helpful or you can handsew your project.)

Friday, Nov. 16 – Open Crafting (9am til Midnight) – It too chilly to be outside and perfect weather to gather with friends and craft! $5

Saturday, Nov. 17 – Soldered Ornament (10am – Noon) – It’s a pretty Christmas sentiment encased in glass that you can hang on your Christmas tree. $15 Limit 6

Friday, Nov. 30 – O Christmas Tree Wood Blocks (7pm-9pm) – Michelle is back and ready to help you make a Christmas decoration that will be your pride and joy year after year! $20

Sign up for a class today by calling 641-228-3030 or email

This is rumor control…


There have been some terrible rumors floating around town and I feel it necessary to set you all straight. I have my “mom finger” ready to go off any minute now. No! Not that finger, the “mom finger”. You know the pointy one that mom would point and shake at you when she needed to get her point across? Now that we have that straightened out…

The rumors, yes, that is where I was going before I got side tracked. Oh look, there’s a chicken! Just kidding! The Rustic Corner and The RC on Main are both moving – NOT closing – to a new location that will house both creative monstrosities. Isn’t that awesome! It gives me chills just thinking about it!

First, we thought we would be moving in the heat of July. Steve, the construction guy said, “no.” Then, we thought we would be moving the beginning of August. Construction guy Steve said, “no.” Next, we thought we would get to move in the middle of August. You guessed it, mean ole Construction Steve was again the bearer of negativity. Don’t get me wrong, Construction Steve isn’t a bad guy and his crew is doing a great job and all, but they don’t understand the want, no the NEED for us to get into our new location because it is going to be so awesome!

The new location will be at 413 N Main St in Charles City. Right next door to the Charles Theater. Our hours will stay the same: Monday – Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday 9am-5pm. I have a feeling the popcorn sales at the theater will skyrocket. I love me some popcorn!

Our store space will double, just shy of tripling actually, and there will be two floors of fun! So pack a water bottle and some snacks when you come ‘cuz you are going to be in there all day! Oooo maybe we could carry goodies. Oh wait, we already have goodies and soda!

Onward and and upward…Here are a few pictures to tide you over with more photos coming soon! Leave a comment or suggestion on new lines of merchandise you would like to see in the new store!

The excitement abounds!!!


The demolition on the new building at 413 N. Main has begun and it is SO EXCITING! The big dumpster out front is a MAJOR give-a-away :) This will be the new home for The Rustic Corner and The RC on Main in late summer – back in one LARGE building together!

That means there will be PRIME retail locations available for RENT at 222 N Main & 809 Wisconsin St – contact Tami at 641-228-2657 about either location! And stay tuned for updates on the new building progress!!!

Last minute gift ideas


We have lots of great, last minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day AND Graduation presents at The Rustic Corner:

For those hard-working, underappreciated mothers :)

* Tokyomilk Gift Set featuring scent-sational perfumes, lotions & soaps

* Skeem Silk-Screened Candles in a variety of eye-catching colors and scents

* Primitives by Kathy Box Signs featuring inspirational & witty sayings

* CR Designs Candle Sleeves & Bases ~ can switch them out for all the seasons

* Beautiful watches including the new wrap bracelet watches, rhinestone BLING watches, jelly watches including Hawkeye & Cyclone designs!

* Bright & colorful Park Designs and Split Pea dishcloths, towels & napkins

* Gorgeous earring & necklace sets ~ Rings too!

* Iowa-made wines and wine accessories

* Wind and Willow Dip Mixes

For those new,  ready-to-hit-the-world grads

* Cookbooks! From the most basic to the experienced chef :)

* Journals to record all those “firsts”

* Notecards ~ in case they want to write home :)

* Charles City memorabilia to remember where they came from <3

* Candy for those sugar fixes during late-night studying

And, the gift that ALWAYS fits EVERYONE’S style….a Rustic Corner Gift Card in any denomination!

Want new products? We got ‘em!


We thought we’d do a virtual photo album featuring all the new products at The Rustic Corner!

Remember, EVERYTHING looks better in person so be sure to pop in the store SOON and check them out!

New prints & candle sleeves

Primitives by Kathy Box Signs

New Watch Styles including these popular wrap bracelets! (Left in pic)

New Wine-themed merchandise by Split PeaSplit Pea Hand Towels in new, bright & colorful fabric!Beautiful new pictures throughout the store!Change, jewelry or key Glass TraysPerpetual CalendarBlossom Bucket AngelsNew Displays!Springtime Floral PicturesBaseball Pic perfect for a boy’s room!Brand new Americana itemsGorgeous Sunflower picturesBlossom Bucket framed sentiments

Scents for the Senses!!!


The Rustic Corner is now carrying a new line of FABULOUS and unique candles from Skeem Design that are pleasing to all the senses (well, except taste…don’t eat them, please) :) We are selling specially selected designs from the Pure Pillars collection, the Half Pint collection, the Glass Pillars collection and the matching (!) Matchboxes. Each candle is BEAUTIFULLY presented either in a reusable glass jar or wrapped in simply but elegantly decorated kraft paper.

For the Pure Pillar collection, Skeem silk-screens varied and unusual designs directly onto the soy-blend wax in eye-catching colors. Each candle will burn approximately 120 hours and are 6″ high x 3″ wide. Now that the basics are out of the way….let’s talk about the scents and colors! We are currently carrying Blood Orange (butterscotch color featuring a large bee design), Dune Sage ( blue with birds), Flower Market (lavender with floral design), Grapefruit Zest (reddish orange with a Geisha Girl), Tea Leaf (tan with Paris flourishes) and White Tea & Thyme (Sage Green with Botanical design). GORG! Take a look! (bottom shelf)

The Half-Pint collection (top shelf in picture)  features adorable 7.5 ounce mini-candles inside silk-screened glass jars, topped with a printed metal lid with images inspired by vintage fabrics and wallpaper patterns. After burning for up to 50 hours, the empty jars can be re-purposed for a variety of uses! These fab cuties come in equally-amazing colors and scents including Grapefruit Zest, Peach Velvet (YUM!), Lilac Dandelion, the VERY masculine (yes, guys like candles too!) Midnight Orchid, Sweet Pea & Vanilla, Vintage Peony, Sweet Balsam, Black Currant, and Blood Orange.

The Glass Pillar Collection (bottom shelf  in pic below) comes in, as it states, glass jars…Pillar Size! The SCENT-Sational fragrances currently available are Lilac Dandelion, Fig & Black Pepper, Anise & Clove, Night Jasmine, Green Tomato Vine, Sweet Balsam, Single Malt, Tea Leaf, Blood Orange, Grapefruit Zest, Dune Sage, Guava Persimmon (REALLY unusual), Vintage Peony, and Sea Spray! Whew!

And finally…you can buy matching (there it is again!) Matchboxes! They feature a complementary design on each side and look GREAT when mixed and matched with any of the candles. Each box is cello-wrapped and contains sixty, 4-inch matches with bright, color-coordinated tips (top shelf in photo).

Pair a Half-Pint with coordinating Matchbox and you have a beautiful gift set!

Prices range from $4.95 to $24.95. Ok, I just can’t do them justice in this post…you MUST come into see, smell & touch them! (Please no tasting…and they don’t make sounds either…sorry)  :)